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Best quality Tea Machines for Businesses

More than 500 Businesses trust Spiced Tea Chai Tea Machines and benefit from our Tea Machines around Sydney and Melbourne areas and surroundings and growing at fast pace.

100 Reasons’ to Choose our Tea/Coffee Machines ! Some of them are listed below

Increased Sales and Profit

Add Tea into your Menu or upgrade to our multiple flavours offering a standard taste every time

Your own brand

Sell our amazing tea as your own branded product in your own cups or take away containers

Fresh Tea served quickly

Always serve fresh tea, quickly with just press of a button without compromising on flavour and taste.

No Wastage

Our high quality Tea/Coffee Machines ensure no wastage of Tea or coffee. Serve same quantity each and every time you press a button.

Low Costing

Our Machines saves you labour of making tea or coffee, No time wastage, No utensils, No gas in making tea, No need of separate Milk and much more benefits Enquire today.

Multiple products in one machine

With our 3 Lane Tea/Coffee vending machine, offer 3 different products to your customers with just a press of button.

Low cost Merchandise

We also provide you low cost Tea merchandise to get you started for selling tea/coffee products that includes, Banners, Cards, Stickers, Posters and more. You pay just the low cost for opting our merchandise.

Promising Service, Delivery & Installation

We offer low cost Service along with nominal delivery charges in Sydney and Melbourne Area. We charge only a low cost one off Installation charge.

Best Quality Guaranteed and Warranty

We offer only quality machines with best quality products. We offer 1 year repair/replaceable warranty subject to terms and conditions within Sydney and Melbourne Metro area.

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Why choose our Tea Coffee Machines ? There are more reasons than we can explain.

Find Out How We Can Help Your Restaurant/Cafe Business Grow

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✔- 100% Natural Flavours
✔ - Best Quality Tea and Coffee
✔ - Easy and Instant
✔ - Pure Indian Blend

Just the right ingredients and no sugar for those who want no added sugar in tea.

Traditional Indian Tea taste with no artificial flavors. Multiple flavors available to satisfy you.

✔ Spiced Tea Chai is a pure and original blend of our family secret recipes of India made with love and packaged with care.

✔ Change your routine of drinking sugary drinks – Unforgettable taste which makes you more relaxed and energetic.

✔Save time – Make Tea instantly with our Tea Machines.

Own a Business ? Look no further. Increase your Revenue from today !

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