Costs as low as 35 Cents per Cup

200ml - 35 Cents/Cup
100ml - as low as 20 Cents/Cup

Lower Business Expenses

Save on labor of making tea.
No wastage, No need to add milk.
No Gas, No Tea or Tea Bags. Just add sugar.

Adjust Flavour Strength

Flavour can be made strong or light as per requirement.

No Plumbing Required

No Need for any plumbing for installation.
Just an electric point is sufficient.
Rest leave it upon us to setup.

Free Service & Installation

Free Service once a month.
Free Delivery & Installation.

Local Warranty

Local Australian Warranty
Repair or Replacement.
1 Year warranty.

Serve Multiple Flavours

3 Lane Tea/Coffee Vending Machines. Offer 3 flavours at a time.


Serve as fast as 4 cups per minute.
Tea comes out with just press of a button.
No waiting.

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Sign up today for our Free Tea/Coffee Machine by just filling out below quick form and one of our Team Members will contact you as soon as possible. Rest leave everything else upon us !

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