How to make great Tea from the Spiced Tea Chai Premix ?

While for our Industrial Tea Machines are all pre-programmed to bring out best flavor from the premix, there is no need for a recipe. Tea comes out with just press of a button.

We do have wide range of flavors available. Please see our Shop section for the range of flavors.

You just need to add required quantity of sugar and off you go. You may use Honey if you like. If you need more light flavoring, you are free to add more milk to it. However, we have kept the quantity of premix in machine set to bring out great taste every time.

What if I don’t have Tea Machine ?

For the buyers of our tea premix we have great options to satisfy you ;

Add about 10-12g of premix (2 teaspoons) to 100ML of boiling hot water (90’C or more).

Add sugar to taste. (There is no sugar added to the premix)

Mix well until everything dissolves well and you can see a little sponge forming.

Now, this doesn’t ends here. You are free to add anything that you wish to bring more out of it. Here is a list of few things to try ;

Ginger (Great Indian Spice with health benefits)

Ginger has an amazing calming effect on the digestive system. If you have a sour or upset stomach, add some fresh ginger to your tea to help settle it. It will also add a super fresh and slightly spicy flavor to your tea.


Using honey instead of sugar may give you a little different taste on the sweeter side, However, Honey has great health benefits,

High-Quality Honey Is Rich in Antioxidants. Its good for Diabetics as well.

Honey Contains Some good Nutrients and helps reduce bad cholesterol.


While you can add cinnamon in Ginger Tea and Ginger in Cinnamon Tea. We have both flavors available as separate to buy. You don’t need to add these in Masala Tea. It will turn the bitter taste into a spicy, palatable taste and help to get your blood flowing.

Fennel Seeds

Add the fennel seeds to your tea to make it even good at taste.

Fennel tea may aid healthy digestion, and treat bloating, gas, or cramps, and may also act as a diuretic. You will have to filter your tea after adding all the ingredients after mixing well, and letting the tea consume all good flavors. We recommend after mixing everything well, bring tea to boil again and then filter out the added ingredients.

Time to enjoy 🙂